Wellness & Anti Aging Medicine

corsaHere at R&R Medicine we are focusing on a Wellness, Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine integration, with a ‘whole person approach’, designed to treat the person and not the disease.
The body maintains balance in just a few ways. It can be thrown out of balance by too few of the things that maintain health or too many of the things that detract from health.

Good health promoters include: Whole foods, clean water and air, light, proper rest, movement, sleep, rhythm, connection, love, meaning and purpose

Detractors from health include: Bad foods, bad bug, toxins,allergens and stress

As a physician trained in Western Medicine as a Family Physician, with her Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine, specialized training in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and her degree in Exercise Physiology, this gives Dr. Sonya Saadati the opportunity to blend these modalities and work together with her patients to create a Wellness program specific to each individual patient. With your initial consult you can expect a comprehensive lifestyle and symptom history evaluation along with recommendations for whatever lab, nutritional status and hormonal status testing may be indicated.
We offer:
Functional Medicine/Hormone Evaluation
-Full health evaluation including detailed history and physical, nutritional status, hormonal issues, lifestyle, stress and sleep assessments. Healing and treating chronic health and energy issues from the inside out.

Hormone Evaluations
- Detailed history and physical exam along with a full symptom assessment in regards to hormonal imbalance issues. Bio Identical hormone therapies (hormones that are identical in structure to your bodies natural hormones), to get your levels back to a properly balanced and optimal level.