Hormone Balancing/Replacement

happy mature couple relaxing after exercise at the beachHormonal imbalance can present in many ways, depending on which hormones are out of balance. Both men and women suffer from hormonal imbalances. Common symptoms include: fatigue, brain fog, decreased drive and energy, mood swings decreased sex drive and interest, weight changes, depression and muscle loss….just to name a few. There are numerous hormones that need to be looked at when an imbalance is suspected–Not just estrogen and testosterone. There is a whole cascade of hormones that must ALL work together properly for individuals to feel vital, energized and happy.

At R&R Medicine we are trained to look at the whole picture and bring hormone levels back into optimal levels for each individual, and their symptoms, using bio-identical hormones when indicated. Bio-Identical hormones are non-synthetic hormones that have the EXACT same structure as the hormones your body naturally produces. Using BHRT and looking at a thorough picture of your hormonal cascade, we can balance hormones much more efficiently and effectively, producing a natural relief of symptoms.