Personal Fitness Training

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Physical fitness and exercise is a huge part of maintaining and achieving optimal health and wellbeing. There is absolutely no substitute for proper, frequent, and effective movement of the body. Our Certified Personal Trainer will design a personalized prescription exercise program specifically tailored to your goals and health issues. We will work as a team, Physician and Personal Fitness Trainer, to optimize your wellness and/or weight loss program, create an exercise program, design a diet based on your needs and provide direct, hands on motivation to keep you going. Our private training room also gives you the privacy and one on one attention that you really can’t get at a busy, crowded gym.


Single session rate - $35

12 Session Package (4-6 Weeks) - $375
-Custom training program
-Custom cardiovascular conditioning plan
-Custom supplement plan based on your specific fitness goals
-Program tweaks
-Personalized diet

6 Week Weight Loss Program - $595
-3 Personal training sessions weekly
-Personalized workouts created specifically for you and your goals
-3 Customized Infrared Sauna weight loss program sessions weekly
-Customized meal plan weekly
-Natural weight loss supplement included

Nutritional Meal Plan - $125
-Personalized died made for YOU
-Macros broken down completely
-Detailed layout
-Amounts of food
-Foods for best results
-Easy to read and understand
-Supplemental guidance
-Email/TXT/Phone support as needed
-Weekly check-ins
-30 Day plan

Competition Prep (8-12 Weeks) - Price depending on client needs
-Personalized diet
-Custom training protocol
-Custom supplementation regimen based on client
-Cardiovascular exercise guidance
-“Peak Week” changes and outline
-Posing guidance/assistance
-Photo critique via weekly
-Email/TXT/Phone support as needed
-Program tweaks